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Updated 07/29/2015 

 It was a sad day at the Sportsman's Club Tuesday, but with the help of our members, and the donations of food and assistance from club members--- We were able to have a very nice send off to our friend Lee Harvey.  First allow me to apologize if I missed someone, and for those who did write down your names, if I misspelled it, again I apologize. Special thanks to Lee J, Sue and Larry who remained at the club to prepare and set up the food, and Jim Fowler for memorializing this event with photos.

Lou & Rhonda Box Cowboy Beans
Lou & Jeanne McNett Mac Salads
Tim Conklin  Mac & Cheese
Diane Mansey Lasagna
Brian Koon's Meat Trays
Lee J, Larry & Sue Meat Balls, Sausage, Green Salad
Peg & Jer. Ack???? Onions
Bernie & Sue Reschke Sauce with sausage & Meat Balls
Jeanne Austic Deviled Eggs
Sonny & Mel  Potato Salad
Laurie Shunk Bread / Rolls / Desserts
Susie G Baked Beans
Ruth Sivier Mexican Caviar / Salsa & Chips
Vicki Fenn Pies
Patti Miller Cup Cakes
Mary Wallis Clip Bars
Crystal Brownies
Linda Halstead Brownies
Pete Stickels Cookies & Pouring the Beer


There will be no breakfast in August. Thank you.


Annie Burlingame is leaving us after many years of service. Her last shift will be on 7/31/15. Come on in and wish her well as she moves forward.



Ralph Gigantelli enjoys his 15th year of participation in Harold Goldens SPSA golf outing. What a great day, all had a great time.
Four, Fun, Friends & Food that's what the SPSA is about! Thanks Harold & Lauri Shunk for 15 great years. 


 Great News!

With the outstanding support of Senator Pattie Richie we are very pleased and excited to announce that the Sandy Pond Sportsman’s Association has been awarded a Grant to promote fishing on Sandy Pond. That grant was passed this week and to date we do not have the total Grant Disbursement Agreement. That agreement will define our ability and direction we can use the grant to support fishing on the POND.

Through a combination of efforts lead by Sen. Richie, Town of Sandy Creek and the Sportsman’s Club we plan to establish a program to encompass all of the Pond and area business friends to promote this area as a great place to visit and fish, both summer and winter.

Leading the Grant administration is Ms. Nancy Ridgeway, Town Supervisor Sandy Creek and Lee Harvey SPSA. Due to extensive effort prior to and following the grant application and disbursements Mr. Lou Box has been selected as the grant executor. He has accomplished a lion’s share of the grant application process and follow-up and will continue to establish a team to see the grant benefits all with NYS oversight.  Lou has been the main stay in obtaining the grant for both the Town and the SPSA will continue head up the success of the grant disbursements to benefit the Pond.  

I cannot thank Sen. Richie enough for putting her support behind us and the Pond. It’s an area that not only needs support but can prove its worth to support the economy of the area.  

Stay tuned for updates on use and events.




Please Note!

One of our members, Tim Pauldine has written a book about our beloved Sandy Pond. If you would like to order it you can click this link. Sandy Pond




The Queen of Hearts is back and going strong.


Please Note!

 Our normal breakfast buffet on the 3rd Sunday of each month is back cancelled until further notice. 


George Blanchard recently donated some of his beautiful hand carvings to us and we have them displayed at the club. If you have not had a chance to see them yet click here to see Carvings by George Blanchard thank you George from all of us at the club.


You pick the caption!


Our thanks to you Jeannie!


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